We all know that transitioning from high school to college classes can be unnerving, but beyond braving new content and coursework, making friends and finding your own community at Cal can be a difficult task too. This can be especially true when you’re an underrepresented minority student in computer science and it’s not common to find peers who share your experiences.

Fortunately, there are clubs and communities here for everyone to find their fit! As another month of summer passes by (and Fall semester grows closer) we at Codebase would like to highlight two programs for incoming underrepresented, CS-intended students…

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Now, we’ll be going over the final steps of the recruitment process: going to onsite interviews, managing negotiations, and choosing between multiple offers.

What is an onsite?

An onsite is a series of interviews, usually towards the end of the recruitment process, where you’ll travel to the company headquarters and meet managers, recruiters, and engineers from the company. Onsites generally consist of a series of technical and behavioral interviews.

Not all companies have onsites in their recruitment process, so be sure to ask your recruiter if there are plans for one!

What does the typical onsite look like?

The schedules and structure of onsite interviews vary from company to company, but…

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Now that we’ve gone over how to get your foot in the door, we’ll be sharing our tips and tricks for behavioral and technical interviews!

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews (or just “behaviorals”) are almost always the first type of interview you’ll encounter during the process. These are usually much more chill than technical interviews, so don’t worry too much! You’ll be talking to your recruiter for around 30 minutes to an hour over the phone, and the topics will generally involve talking about your life and goals to how the company can help meet them.

This is also the interview where you’ll…

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Welcome to Landing a SWE Internship, a three-part series to help you land your first internship! Our articles are tailored to those who have never been through the SWE recruiting process before, so we lay things out in clear detail; however, even if this is your second or third time recruiting, we hope you’ll still find some relevant tips.

Before you delve into the process, reflect on your own motivations and desires to make sure that an internship is a right fit for your career goals. Depending on your school, you may feel that getting an internship is the only…

A brief introduction to our club, our plans for the semester, and how to apply!

By Isabelle Zhou, Spring 2021 President

Welcome back everyone to Spring 2021! As we start off this new semester, I’m sure many students are looking to find new ways to stay engaged with the Berkeley community and explore their future academic and/or career paths.

In over 30,000 UC Berkeley undergrad students, it can be hard to find the communities that can provide those experiences and resources. One way Berkeley students have solved this problem is through our wide array of student organizations. From what I know, the Berkeley club scene is unique to our university. …

Our thoughts and advice on how to start off strong in college-level CS classes.

By Connie, Jane, Julia, Rachel, and Raymond

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For many students, the transition from high school to college can seem pretty daunting. Along with the new experiences of living away from parents and meeting new friends, there’s also a general uncertainty concerning what to expect academically.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to transition into college. Everyone will adjust differently depending on their backgrounds and that’s fine! But, here is our take on Berkeley’s infamous introductory CS courses, such as CS 61A, and tips that may help you transition smoothly into them.

With that said, please take…

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With Phase II rolling around for the upcoming Spring semester for many sophomores and juniors, there’s often a sudden rush among students to determine their plans for next semester, including which classes to take. When looking at the long catalog of classes that Berkeley’s EECS department offers, it sometimes seems daunting to make such a decision: Which classes are light on workload? How many midterms will I have to take? This class sounds cool, but will I need a friend to take it with me for projects? …

A Q&A with some of our previous mentored developers!

Introduce yourself!

Bianca: I’m Bianca and I’m a junior this year. I joined Codebase as a mentored developer during my freshman fall, and I’m super excited to be the PM (project manager) for the mentored program again this semester!

Jessica: Hey! I’m Jessica and am now a sophomore. I joined the mentored team last year and I am going to be a client developer this fall!

Julia: Hi all! I’m Julia, a junior this year as well. I joined Codebase as a mentored developer during my freshman spring semester and I will be VP of External for this semester!

Why did you join mentored?

Bianca: It’s funny…

A Q&A with some of our client developers!

Go ahead and introduce yourself!

Christy: Heya I’m Christy, an incoming sophomore at Cal! This fall will be my second semester as a client developer in Codebase. To be honest, I was actually pretty clueless about the whole landscape of CS organizations on campus, and I only happened to hear about Codebase from my awesome CS61A TA Erica who was in the club! For my first project last semester, I worked with healthcare SaaS company PatientPop on an app that converts scanned medical forms into web forms.

Connie: Hi I’m Connie, also an incoming sophomore! I found Codebase on the EECS student organizations website first…

A warm welcome and an introduction to our club, our plans for the semester, and how to apply!

By Raymond Guo, Fall 2020 President

Welcome to Fall 2020! To any incoming new students, I want to be one of many to congratulate you on making it to Berkeley! And if you’re a returning student, welcome back!

The Berkeley student club scene is one of the many things that makes this school so special. At no other university have I ever seen such a vast variety of student-led organizations, from service-driven initiatives, to diverse cultural groups, to professional consulting programs. But with only a few days until the start of classes, the semester is still looking very uncertain and…


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